Mark Coker’s Predictions

Four Writing and Publishing Trends by Mark Coker

Self-Publishing entrepreneur and founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker, makes writing and publishing predictions in Huffington Post for this year. Here’s four we can get behind:
  1. A large number of big-name authors will defect to become Indie authors. This has already been happening for years but Coker is saying it will increase enormously.
  2. Multi-author collaborations will become more common – giving each other a leg up and expanding markets.
  3. More books will be read more than ever, but they will be eBooks over paper.
  4. It’s still all about the writing. Nothing trumps quality. As Coker says:It doesn’t matter if you’re publishing a cookbook, romance novel, gardening how-to, memoir or political treatise. Your job as the author publisher is to release that super-fabulous book.”

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