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Keynotes and Workshops

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  • The Power of Story
  • Putting Off Procrastination
  • Writing with Cold Feet
  • The A to Zen of Speech Writing


The Power of Story

Chances are you use stories on a day-to-day basis to communicate. But are you really using the Power of Story to enhance your life, your business, and all your communications? Doubtful. This speech helps people understand the Power of Story and how they can use stories for even more than effective communication. This speech tells stories about how Kathrin, as a certified human resources manager and coach, helped numerous organizations and individuals find direction, position themselves better in their market, and countless other benefits by helping them discover and recreate original stories.

Putting Off Procrastination

Putting Off Procrastination is NOT simply a workshop on time management and “Just Do It” attitudes. What is behind procrastination is what is key. Procrastination is a function of well worn habits inextricably linked to lack of awareness, self-esteem and what makes up what we call your procrastination style. This class requires a brief assessment to determine your major styles, in-depth understanding of the styles, exercises for awareness and self esteem that are mutually supporting.

Writing With Cold Feet

Is it possible to both love to write and approach it with reluctance? That’s what Kathrin calls, Writing with Cold Feet, the name of her soon-to-be published 4th book. Using inspiring stories from her career as a writer, and the authors she has coached, she will delve into her 3P’s of writing blocks, Procrastination, Permission and Process, as well as many other great tips for writing.

The A to Zen of Speech Writing

Learn secrets to writing and performing great presentations by seeing it in action from A to Zen! Kathrin gives a fun, entertaining and informative keynote that demonstrates how to do it, as well as instructs the art of speech writing. If your organization has members who want this skill, they won’t want to miss this speech.

Within all these presentations are interactive guidance moments and many learning opportunities. Please contact Kathrin at for more information.