Corporate Testimonials

“The AFP Professional Development committee recently hosted a workshop led by Kathrin, on The Power of Story. Kathrin proved herself to be well versed on the topic – she had great examples to share and gave many practical tips on how to tell one’s own stories in meaningful and powerful ways. Kathrin has a strong presence as a speaker and is able to move and motivate her audience… We enjoyed that it was a very interactive workshop (not PowerPoint). We would strongly recommend her.”
2012 – Paul Thorne, Association of Fundraising Professionals

Our team members felt the seminar [Putting Off Procrastination] provided them with valuable tools to determine what is driving procrastination and to find ways to overcome those and increase efficiency. The procrastination assessment was used by the rest of our team for internal assessment… I would recommend this workshop to any individual or organization where time management and procrastination may be an issue.”
Majid Khoury, President, Market Explorers now Ipsos Reid ASI

“Kathrin is a top notch trainer and speaker. She has an extremely friendly, yet professional style that works well both one-on-one and in group settings. With a creative and positive approach, she manages to engage people in a way that people really connect with her. If you have a chance to work with Kathrin, take it!”
2009 – Kerry Ward, President of Corporate Explorers Training

These are some of the corporations and organizations Kathrin has done training and presentations for:

corporate testimonials.



“I had an opportunity to speak to a large group of investment industry professionals and was terrified as I hadn’t done it before.  Meeting and working with Kathrin saved me!  She helped liven up the speech so it had greater impact and encouraged me to invite audience participation – which was really effective.  Thanks to her guidance, tips and wonderful support I was able to do something I’d always wanted to accomplish.  The feedback on my talk was very positive and  I look forward to speaking again!   I’d definitely recommend her coaching services to anyone who wants to deliver a compelling message.”
– Loa Fridfinnson, Director, Activ8 Corporate Relations

“Kathrin has helped me enormously using her one-of-a kind talents as a “story expert” to help me bring my stories to life. The stories we’ve worked on together have given me better, funnier and more inspiring speeches.  She is a true professional that I can recommend.  I look forward to working with Kathrin in the future.”
– Cory LePage, CEO, LePage Group Inc.

“Kathrin was instrumental in creating my core website content. She taught me the process of visioning, branding, and editing my company vision, mission statement and corporate biography, and together, we made it happen! She has a direct and action-oriented style, while remaining present and supportive. The business of writing for publication and self-marketing can be overwhelming and Kathrin made it fun. I highly recommend her as a writing coach.”
– Jayn Steele, CEO, Share the Wealth

“Kathrin helped me write and present a speech for over 200 people when I had never done anything like that before. She was such a great coach, that I had everyone laughing and it was a huge hit.  I can strongly recommend her as a writing and presentation coach.”
– Jun M

“Kathrin’s coaching style and humour helped me get over my fears, in my case, fear of writing. Now I have finished with my first piece of published writing.”
– Leanne B.

“Kathrin helped me move away from negative thoughts and into a thriving attitude that has brought me greater happiness and a new definition of success.”
– James Douglas

“Kathrin’s coaching was so helpful to take my presentations to the next level. She re-energized me in thinking about my business, and showed me how to get my audience excited too. She helped redefine how I wanted to portray myself so that I am now a passion diva and loving it!”
-Lilly Page, Flair Image Consulting