A to Zen of Writing

The A to Zen of Writing

“A marvelous book that will help any writer or aspiring author.”  – James Hall

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Book Description:

Combining the distilled wisdom of famous authors about writing, with the reflections of the author herself, with the basic child’s alphabet book, The A to Zen of Writing is simple, poetic, yet with Questions after each “letter” to ponder, it becomes as challenging as it is inspiring. A fun, must-have book for any writer.

The A to Zen of Writing includes 26 inspiring reflections on writing from author, KathrinLake (Writing with Cold Feet), 26 inspiring quotes from famous authors and a series of challenging brainstorm questions for the reader to reflect on and answer about themselves and their writing. There are no wrong answers.

A is for Authenticity
B is for Being Bad
C is for Character
D is for Discipline
E is for Enthusiasm
F is for Feedback …