Putting Fear in Reverse Gear

putting fear in reverse gearPutting Fear in Reverse Gear

Understanding and Stopping Fears, Anxieties and Procrastination.

The famous quote that “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself” is all very well, but how do you get beyond fears? This book examines fears, procrastination and anxiety so you will understand the difference and how to move yourself forward. Once you know the way, you will not even fear “fear itself.” Readers will walk away with solid examples of how to put off procrastination, put fear in reverse gear, and reduce anxiety by knowing what to focus on.

What others have said about workshop that works with this book:

“Our team members felt that Putting Off Procrastination [Putting Fear in Reverse Gear] provided them with valuable tools to determine what is driving procrastination and to find ways to overcome those and increase efficiency. The procrastination assessment was used by the rest of our team for internal assessment… I would recommend Kathrin and her abilites to any individual or organization where time management and procrastination may be an issue.”
– Majid Khoury, President, Market Explorers now Ipsos Reid ASI

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