How to Write a Book: from Mexico Retreat

The Power of Story: Stories over Mission Vision Values Statements

Kathrin Lake: Writing Retreat to Mexico


Every Winter, usually in late February, I take people on a retreat to a beautiful small town in Mexico to show them how to start to Take Your Dream Out of the Box…

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Kathrin Lake: Putting Fear In Reverse Gear

Putting Fear in Reverse Gear – conference May 2010, Victoria, B.C.


Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspirational speech on the paradigm shift in creative inspiration.

Kathrin Lake: Tips for Self Employed Entrepreneurs

Kathrin Lake’s first video of tips for self employed entrepreneurs like you. PS – All writers, speakers and coaches are also entrepreneurs.


Fun Theory: The Swedish staircase experiment

Fun Theory is used by Swedish designers to help people become more healthy. Where can you use this in your work?