Truth about Blogs

Are you confused, speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, about what “should” be in your blog? This is understandable. There is a huge variety of ideas of what a blog can be for authors, speakers and experts. Do you get personal?  How personal?  Do you give away information? What kind and how much? How long should it be? Should it have videos? Should it have photos? Should it have links? Does it always have to be talking about your subject or genres?

Peggy Richardson and I decided it was time to really tackle this one, along with all the technical wizardry that Peggy has (being the wizard of ebooks), so you will know not only know why and what, but how. We are rapidly getting our fabulous online course ready, Blogging for Authors (Speakers and Entrepreneurs too), that really does give the skinny on this. It answers all of the above and many other questions you have about blogging. Like which platform and why, transferring a blog, etc. It’s taken us a lot of figuring and learning to get clear on this stuff and why we do what we do, but we are happy to share it, so you are saving money, hassle and feel empowered.

Should you have more than one blog?… I decided by going through the process that I did need two distinct blogs, hence this writing blog.  But my Thrival Blog is where I like to tell stories and strut my writing stuff.  In this blog I am going to talk about writing (and speech writing), storytelling and other writerly and author stuff.



Not an author?  I challenge that. You have a book inside you waiting to come out, and it can be easier than you think. In fact, many start with a blog as a writing habit and it becomes a book (ex.: The Julie & Julia Project to Julie & Julia book and movie). We love to tell those many success stories in our course, and there are many more than you would think.

Go to (Vancouver School of Writing) to get this course in August 2012 and beyond and start it at any time in the day and night. We love it and think you will too.